SO HOW DID I GET to the podium at the historic 24 Hours of Daytona a few weeks ago??? 

The Grateful Dead said, “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been”

 The First People of the Lakota tribe of the Sioux Nation (I had the pleasure of spending 4 months with them on the Pine Ridge Reservation) said that in the Western world we saw the sky as BLUE, so let’s break it down with  science and technology and overanalyze and fear what we see. The Lakotas’ view is simple: “It is pretty, let’s enjoy.” 

My life has seen the best and worst in humans as I have traveled the world to explore life in many different ways. I had no children of my own (and my hat is off to those of you who do) so I took that free time to travel, explore, learn, and share with others, as I always travel the back roads of the world where “real” people live with whom I can learn and share. 

Trains, planes, and automobiles (mainly motorcycles) and all of the people around them often brought out the best in knowledge, sacrifice, creation, comradery, family, helpfulness, and freedom. Enjoying the  the showing off of our vehicles to others, or riding them in all of Nature’s glory is and has always been a thrill. Racing with so many different cars and all the people involved has been icing on the cake for me.

 So, with this said, let’s bring it back to what PCA clubs (and especially Citrus Region) have to offer in such a wide variety of ways and to so many different people, to help explore and teach and encourage, as well as befriend others in ways they never thought they would, and enrich so many lives. We all have our “families” that we have been born or married into, but there are still those families we choose to belong to, who might even be better than our natural ones. Citrus Region and PCA as a whole can provide those opportunities, so take some time to experience all they have to offer.
BE A REBEL, live, and enjoy life a little on the wild side while you can. Don’t regret not trying something new or different. Simplify “life” as best you can and enjoy all that we often miss, which can offer so much. Get off the “interstate” and take the back roads where there is more color and life to be seen and admired and taken in. Get “lost” and have fun. 

I have often taken trips to California or Canada without a map or a GPS to tell me where to go, and that is freedom- to enjoy it all. Besides, it freaks people out when you ask them what is a good, fun, scenic road to the West or the North or back East or the South. Come to a fork in the road and throw a leaf in the air and see which way the wind blows for direction. Find a river and follow it and then take a nap somewhere along the way. Find a swing and swing on it. Open up and listen and take it all in. Do not eat at any restaurant of which there is more than one. Instead of looking at a menu, just ask them to serve you what they do best. Stop and do please smell the Roses, then smell them again, and maybe try growing them.

 I am very proud to call so many members of Citrus Region part of my racing, driving, or ng-of -+sdgreat-cars family, and some of my racing abilities are a result of them over the years. We get together to help others at DE’s or any event to enjoy the cars and what they can do, because of the people involved. 
THE HSR 24 HOURS Historic Races allowed me 6 days with some of the most wonderful people with memories that always will make me smile and share, of the cars that were there as well as the fans. (You can ask me about the midnight PINK rabbit later). Another simple but great conversation with Ron Zitza and others over dinner at the track one evening was just but one of those moments that will always make me smile and remember all the good people who give to others with knowledge, support, insight, and lots of laughter about life. 

The ability to accept a place on the podium at Daytona in such an important race was an honor and humbling experience, as so many different people over the years made it possible. While I have been fortunate to be on other podiums with other people and raced with many great drivers, this one at Daytona was special, so, THANK YOU TO ALL. 

Go to for some great pictures and the whole story on our Rothmans Porsche 944 Turbo, Deter, our Boxer Co-Owner of the car, and Lou Verdiles from Aero Dynamics, who is the other guy in Two Guys and a Porsche Racing (TGP Racing). You will enjoy it, I hope, and no there are NO photos of the PINK rabbit, as she will remain down the rabbit hole for at least a year. Smile! 

Terry Miller has been very active in the FLC DE program, running the at-track tech inspections. He placed third in class at a recent Historic Sportscar Racing event. His commentary on life is a window into the character of a good driver and an even better person.