Our Charity Events


The MOST important race of the year is for "Kids" who are racing for life against their cancer.  Each year teams come together at Sebring International Speedway and put on several races as well as entertain approximately one hundred children with their families for three days of fun and an escape from all that they are going through in their race for life. 

Each day for an hour and a half we take all the "kids" out in our cars and let them "race" as they set the speed that we travel. Thumbs up, go faster. Thumps down slow down. Hand out the window is I am going to throw up. There is even a 100 mph t-shit issued and signed by the driver when 100 mph is exceeded. 

This event always places our lives back into perspective as well as tears in our eyes.   

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A yearly gathering of Porsche' s at a small cottage that has been turned into a cancer support center for women with breast cancer  is another great cause for TGP Racing as several wives of fellow racers and close Porsche friends are faced with this battle. 

The day is spent with wonderful interaction and support for all those that need the free services that are provided in their fight as well as a wonderful scenic drive to a special place to eat. Money has been raised over the year as well as well as through this charity event with donations received that day. Last year a check of $1,500.00 was presented to this special group.  


Each October at our final Porsche Cup race of the season at Daytona International Speedway, TGP Racing sponsors three days of parade laps for all who want to make a donation for a selected charity of that year during our lunch time break from racing at the track.

This is a chance for every type of car to experience the 3.86 mile Rolex track that we race at Daytona. While this is a slow speed event with The TGP Race Car leading the way it is still exciting for all as we complete three to four laps each day. While the cars do not go up on the high banks there is still enough of the real track covered for them all to get a feel of the track.

Happy faces and all smiles are present as each car comes down pit lane to exit the track as do the real race cars.  

Ronald McDonald house at a nearby children's hospital for the families of sick children or Breast Cancer are the normal charity's selected by TGP. The normal amount raised each year is about $3,000.00 dollars.   


This annual event switches gears from a race track for TGP Racing and to a very large parking lot at the American Muscle Car Museum where a auto cross course is set up to challenge Porsche vs. Corvette's handling skills of not only the drivers but of the cars. 

All proceeds go to the Pieloch Pet Adoption Center which receives two thousand dollars  each year. 


What we do know at TGP Racing is that a golf cart is not as fast as our race cars, but for a good cause we will take on the unique driving challenge as well as hitting a little white ball around some very nice landscape.

This event benefits the Brevard Schools Foundation specifically for the Meta Awareness Program for special needs children and as a college professor I will gladly drive a slow golf cart and hit a little white ball for the sake of education.    


Each year TGP as well as friends of TGP put on a special Porsche and Planes car show at the War Bird Museum at the Tittesville airport in support of the preservation of old historical airplanes from the last 100 years. Having been in the Air Force and in Vietnam flying combat missions ,this event holds a special place with me. 

Having 60 or more Porsche's parked in and around the 60 or so special planes in the collection for all to see is quite a site. There is always good food and the event is a wonderful way for many people to meet and mingle.