A New Day A New Track

Racing is racing but no track is ever the same.

We love each and every track we travel to and each has his it's highs and lows. The adrenaline that kicks in at every drop of the flag makes it well worth the effort.

At each track we are always treated with a friendly, good natured hearty attitude and it's always a pleasure to be there.

Daytona International Speedway

Most do not know that while there is a 2.2 mile 4 turn high banked tri-oval for NASCAR (turn left Dale) there is also a 3.8 mile road course which runs through the infield. 

The high banks and oh yes a sharp “bus stop” chicane down the back stretch just before turn three lead back up onto the high banks through three , four and finally across the finish line in the tri oval.

This is the home of  the Rolex 24 hour course where one has to turn right and left as well as manages the high banks of the race track. 

Running the high banks of Daytona is an experience like no other in racing. One’s brain is challenged as it processes sights, feelings and emotions that run everywhere at first like “I can’t do this” or “I’m going to crash and die” cross the mind at least at first.

Yet after each lap and session those feeling disappear as one just feels the rush, starts to smile and enjoy or attack the track (with great respect of course). 

In the end when you are back in your pit you just can’t wait to do it again.

Daytona Int Speedway is in my home towm so I've spent many hours here not only driving but also assisting other race teams.

Sebring International Speedway

Sebring is 3.8 miles and 17 turns of pure racing history and walls. This track has more history of great racing than almost any other track in the world, with almost every great sports car driver in the world over the last 60 years having tried to master it. The greats have at times and I am always in awe of their abilities. 

The track was a WWII B-17 bomber training base and much of the track still has the original concrete.

It is rough and challenging with each turn being so very different.  Turn 17 which goes from the long back straight to the long front straight is one for the ages as it is so hard to get right.

It really is just a large part of the old runway that is just a parking lot size piece of concrete that connects the two under a bridge.  When you get it right is a wonderful thrill and well if you don’t then hang on and look out for the walls.  ext

This track is what Lou and I call our “home” track as each event is so full of friends, both new and old.

The best is the friends that become family not only in the pits and at the campers but also a little place called “The Watering Hole” as the food drinks and stories are by far the best one can experience. 

The hotel at the track is a special place to stay as the rooms look out over the track and at night when all is quiet, the stars and moon are out giving one a sense of serenity.

Roebling Road Raceway

Roebling is 2.2 miles with nine often double apex turns that’s a blast once you get the rhythm down, although is not exactly easy. In fact with each lap and the other competitors it‘s a challenge to say the least. 

The track is located about 20 miles outside Savannah Georgia in a very rural forest setting and has been around since 1960. 

The long front straight is a great place where one can unwind the car before going into the 9 unique turns.

This is a great track to learn on as it is smooth and only has a wall on the inside part of the front straight. There’s plenty of run off in the turns if you get in a little bit too fast, so it’s a safer track for your car and of course the driver. 

You learn that “smooth” is fast.

Palm Beach International Speedway

We haven't had the chance to race at Palm Beach yet with the new car although I've raced there before, but we are heading there this year. 

Palm Beach is a 2.1 mile 11 turn rhythm track that is similar to Roebling. 

The track is smooth and is what one often calls a drivers track meaning that a good lap has the feel of going on a nice drive but at speed. 

I have always enjoyed PBIR for that reason as a good clean drive at high speed with the right set up on the car is just plain nice.

I'm really looking forward to getting back on that track again.


Mid-Ohio just outside Lexiton Ohio which in the North East corner of Ohio is a beautiful 2.4 mile road course with 13 great turns. The track has been around for about 50 years and is built in the valley worth farm fields surrounding it. 

The is plenty of elevation changes with four blind corners and I do mean blind as you just have to trust that the track is clear (close watch on corner workers and flags) and that you know the track is there and you are where you should be.  

Fans sit up on the grass hills and look down over the track with a great views of the different corners.  The track is like a great roller coaster road with all its uphill and downhill turs and straight away.

The best spot are the hills at turn 2 and overlooking turns 4, 5, and 6. There is plenty of camping and it is normal to have 20 thousand fans there for the race. Mid-Ohio is used by Indy Cars, ISMA, SVRA, as well as for DE's a Honda racing school and of course Motorcycles. There are plenty of videos of Mid-Ohio so go and enjoy. 


Barber Motorsports Park just outside Birmingham Alabama is a very beautifully manicured track and facility that is home to Porsche North America Driving School with their 70 Porsches neatly placed in a special parking lot. 

The 2.4 mile track sits in a beautiful valley and is surrounded by grass hills that give a great view of the different parts of the track . Camping is the best and there is not a bad place at all to camp There is also a beautiful field just for tent camping. 

There is the worlds largest (over 1700 bikes on display in it 5 floors of space). There is even a bridge that look out over the track with glass floor to see the races from.

The track is a great Motorcycle track also and has many bike races and event there. The track is used by IMSA, HSR and other profession race series for DE's and track time. 

It is a MUST see destination if you enjoy motorcycle or racing. The museum will take you all day and you will still not see it all.