Roebling DE - Georgia on My Mind

Article and photos by Terry Miller

So why would Georgia (as in the state) be on my mind, and maybe should be on yours too? Well, if you want to enjoy a great drive in your Porsche with some great never ending turns, plus a chance to “open it up” and say “blow the carbon out” of your car on a great long straight part of the road with no cops around then read on. Oh yes, I need to mention that it would be a drive in the beautiful rural country side with beautiful trees to park under and take a break from all that turning. Hey you can look up at night and see the stars with no light pollution to obstruct your view.

Did I also forget to mention that rural Georgia prices for this two day escape on a fun private road full of turns is only $225. What is even better is that there is great Southern hospitality on this drive which is brought to you by some great Porsche friends from Jacksonville and sometimes Orlando

who know there area and the turns well. They also make great tour guides if you so desire. Did I mention that the road with all the turns is in Southern Georgia around the Savannah area and is only about 200 miles North of Daytona!

Roebling Road race track is in Bloomingdale, Georgia. Which is town so rural and peaceful, in fact, there is even official track quiet time on Sunday morning as well as from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am each night so the forest animals can sleep I think. This is nice unless you have a GT3 RSR with open exhaust ….

It is a private track that has been around since 1960 with nine turns and about 2.2 miles of smoothness with long tricky turns. Lots of racing history happens here as it is used about 300 days a year. PCA club races

will be there again this year on May 16-18th and Motor Week, the television program, films here during the winter months.

Even more fun was to do Roebling with it’s nine smooth turns and a great front straight (which is where the only wall is and even then it would be hard to hit) for a weekend DE and then drive to Sebring for another DE the following weekend where there are 17 turns and over three miles of rough roads with walls everywhere to hit!

I was lucky enough to have just done this several weeks ago and all I can say is go and enjoy it all. If you can only do one, then I say do Roebling as the rural setting, the track, and the great folks that put on the show will always make you have a bit of Georgia on your mind. So strong in fact that even Sebring can’t shake it out of you.