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How We Became TGP Racing

Coming of age as a male in the in the late 60’s and early 70’s (school, military, college and work) placed me the middle of sports car, muscle car, and motorcycle heaven and I loved every bit of it. 

Restoring, racing, concourse shows, and all the sights, sounds and people associated with this world have enhanced my live in ways that amazes me. 


Having had the opportunity to live and experience the European version of all this made my passion and life even greater. F-1, Moto GP, the Auto Bonn, Stuttgart, The Alps, the classic cars, and all their history was just remarkable.

My admiration for the performance, handling and beauty of porsche's  has always been there and I ordered my first Porsche, a 2007 Cayman in Guards Red from Brumos Porsche in 2006. 


I also had this pleasure a second time with my 2014 Cayman. Even having done this with Corvettes the Porsche experience was just far better.  A red GT4 became a reality in 2018.

In 2012 my racing blood and the need for performance and handling on all the great race tracks in the area was boiling over.

The search was on for a Porsche track car which ended up as a full blown 1986 944 Turbo PCA stock E race car with great racing history. 

All my loving, caring, and understanding beautiful wife wanted was a Boxer Dog (Dexter) to have while I was off racing. 


We both won as we were blessed with a great dog and race car.

A big welcome to our newest member to the TGP Racing team Drax.


Another Boxer boy, who is learning to be a great team member from his big brother Dexter.

Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?  

Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?  


For 9 years it has been testing, upgrading, and of course racing all over the place and always with great enjoyment.  The car and team have done very well over the years with about 20 to 25 events each year and with no major problems as Lou has given us a great car for each race and event.   


TGP Racing has now switched over to several Vintage and Historical Racing Series (Sportscar Vintage Racing Association SVRA and Historic Sports Car Racing HSR)  as the 944 got a complete makeover  to the Rothmans 944 Turbo Cup Series Racing colors. This series was held in America, Europe and Japan as a special race series with all specialty built Porsche 944 Turbo Race Cars built by the factory for the three series (192 in total).


Stay tuned as another chapter in TGP Racing history is about to begin with vintage racing. 


Update: The new Rothmans 944 Turbo Race Car was finished in early September 2019. First test was at Sebring the following weekend with a great start but hen a left wheel baring failure (crushed in on itself) with some problems occurring.


Second test was Daytona in October with problem solve and some great lap times before turbo electrical waste gate problems left only about 80% of turbo working on the high banks. 


Problem is being fixed at this time before Audi race event at Daytona in early December.   


The three day Audi event went well and had about 15 hours of track time to work all the bugs out. We ran at night as well a special 30 minute session for nine of us who were able to just run the two and a half NASCAR oval for thirty minutes. No lifting as just put it in 5th gear and let the car run.


In the first four SVRA races TGP Racing finished First (lead start to finish), a Second and two Thirds. Then do to health restrictions all races have been cancelled until further notice. It does look as if all will start back up in September so stay tuned.


So where have we been lately? Glad you asked after Roebling and doing very well it was off to Sebring with HSR (Historic Sportscar Racing) and another great race.  Then we followed that up a few months later with another great race at Sebring with SVRA (Vintage Sportscar Racing Association.


Next it was on to Daytona with HSR and the 24 hours of Daytona. This was followed by the end of the year Sebring and then back to Daytona in December. Yes Covid created a big problem in racing as each track was often in a different sate and each track was owned by different people so there was no one se format as well as three different race series were involved. All of our charity events that we normally attended were canceled do to health concerns. Missed all the fans as racing with no fans was more like practice than a race.


2021 and yes some better times and the fans were let it a bit at a time. 


We started with HSR at Sebring in February and it was great as some fans were allowed in. This was followed by a great SVRA four days again at Sebring in March and it went well. Nice to start to have the fans back as it is about the cars and fans!


May had us at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama with HSR  and some good friends and supports came out and enjoyed the four days with us.  June has us drive 19 hours to Mid-Ohio Raceway in Lexaton Ohio and it was great as we stayed  on site in a past student of mines 400 thousand motor home. Will is now racing semi professional and is good. To think I instructed him at Daytona 7 years ago when he first started out. Some racing friends from the Cleveland area all came by. Weather was great and so was the wonderful racing as 256 race cars showed up for the fun as well as over 20 thousand race fans with all their motorhomes and campers.  


At this time it is Mid July and all is quiet while I get a new right knee put in. We start back up at Virginia International Raceway with SVRA September 22 to 27, then to Roebling in Savannah followed by the next week at Hutchinson Island Raceway in South Carolina and then back to Daytona for the HSR 24 hours the following weekend. Stay tuned for November and December as we should have at least three races.

 Yea for the fans being back and all the great race cars.


Virginia International Raceway up date. Was a 10 hour drive to a great historic track. 3.24 miles and 17 turns. Ran great Wed and Thursday morning with 32 cars in field. Weather was great with high of 75 and lows in upper 50's.

Thursday late in day qualifying got hit by Mustang and about 160 with me at about 120 mph. Was just racing for a good starting spot for Friday race. Damage to car was heavy (left rear and side) so loaded up and headed home Friday to get get car ready for Daytona.


Oct 13, 2021: update: race car should be ready for Daytona and Sprint Races as well as the 24 hour race.    





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