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Updates From Our Rothmans Journey

May 25, 2020 Update

The car went to Sebring International Speedway for it's first testing in early September. The left rear axle hub collapsed on itself  on the second day with some complicated damage.  Next testing was at Daytona for two days in October (25 -27) . 


First two sessions were great with some good times set.  Then an electrical computer glitch with turbo over boosting which reduced full power on the high banks and top speed. This related into missing another test session at Daytona  in Early November.


All is now set for three days at Daytona in December (6, 7, and 8). Then a February test session at Roebling followed by the next big race (SVRA) a week later.  Sebing will be the following weekend with another big race at Sebring in March.  

February, 2020 Update

In the first four SVRA Races TGP Racing with the Rothmans 944 turbo has finished Fist (lead start to finish with 23 cars in my field), a Second, and two Thirds. 

February, 2020 Update

All racing has been cancelled after Sebring do to health concerns so TGP Racing is on hold. It look like a full race schedule will start in September. 


All looks good.

February 13th, 2020 Update

February 13 to 16 Races Roebling Road Raceway Savannah Georgia four days. Car ran great. Three Races with finishing First (started and finished first as well as qualified first) with 27 cars in class. Second race finished second with be past on final half of last lap. Third race was third with 25 cars in class. 

February 13th, 2020 Update

March through October no racing as Covid 19.

October, 2020 Update

October  Road Atlanta. Testing and racing with SVRA. All went well and finished well. Met Stan Fulton and his Rothmans Race Car. We put on a good show for the fans.

December 3rd, 2020 Update

December 3 to 6 Historic Sportscar Racing Sebring. Great time with about 100 teams there. Stan and his Rothmans was there and we put on a great show together for all the fans in our 3 races.

December 10th, 2020 Update

Audi Races and testing Daytona. Car ran great with 15 hours on track. Love the high banks. Hit 160 mph on tri Oval. Again had the pleasure of running just the oval for 30 minutes on Saturday in the rain. Got to take some friends out in the car and was great. 

February, 2021 Update

Sebring update: Arrived at Sebring February 18, 2021 unloaded and passed annual tech inspection. 280 race cars with 250 teams. Ran group 12b and was combined with group 8 (26 cars) in field.  Practice was great Friday morning and first session of qualifying was at 2:00 pm.


Was on false grid at 1:50 when rain came. Half the field on slicks headed back to pits but not me as I like the rain. Ran 30 minutes in rain  (heavy at times) and had best qualifying time so was on provisional pole until second qualifying session at 8:00 am on Saturday.   New it would not hold up but I had pole for a night.


Qualifying session Saturday morning had mechanical issue (intermediate missing) during session so came back to garage to fix problem. First race Saturday afternoon mechanical issue occurred again so had to drop out of race. Unable to fix problem and worked on car until late Saturday night.  Loaded up Sunday and came back to race shop to find out and fix the problem. Was great weekend with Heritage Motorsport Group as they had 10 cars there.


Brian Johnson (lead singer AC/DC) had his car there so spent some good time with him. Should be more than ready for HSR at Sebring March 30 to April 2, 2021. Update February 18th believe was computer problem keep fuel injectors open and dumping fuel.  New computer on the way to hopefully solve problem.

March 31st, 2021 Update

Next race will be Historic Sports Car (HSR) at Sebring March 31 to April 2, 2021 


Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) Spring Fling at Sebring update. 250 Race cars.

GREAT!!!!  Practice all day Wednesday Two Qualifying sessions Thursday Morning with the first sprint Race at 1:30 pm. 34 cars in the race group and TGP Racing had a 3 in class finish.  4;00 pm brought the SASCO Sports International American Challenge Race with 38 cars.  TGP Racing finished 4th in class. Great racing and field of cars. Friday brought out the second sprint race ay 10: 30 am with a third place finish in class.  The final sprint race at 2:00 pm had TGP Racing finishing second in class.  Lou had the care running great and it was a pleasure to race it. Lots of pictures at Dark Images Photos (see sponsor page ) as well as Rothmans photo collection on web site.

May, 2021 Update

Next Race at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama with HSR May 20th to 24th.  


Barber update. It was great! We arrived on Wednesday the 19 afternoon and were able to get into the track and unload at 5:30 pm. Barber is a beautiful track and is manicured better than many golf courses. Plus green grass hills and trails are everywhere.  Waterfalls and small lakes were everywhere. We had great weather as no rain for the five days and lows in the 60s at night and low 80's for the day.


Barber is a technical track with four blind corners and lots of short straightaways. Is a 3 and fourth gear track and a lot of fun.  We did well but with 29 great cars in our class it was a tough one to finish well for us. There were several teams out of Texas and they were fast and great people.  While we did not finish in the top 10 is was a whole lot of fun and look forward to getting back there this Fall or next year.  By the last race on Sunday I had the track figured out well for the race car. 


Next Time. Cut 20 seconds of my first qualifying laps as I was learning the track. Best place to eat is in Moody Alabama (10 minutes from track)  and its real Southern food and great. Blue Grass BBQ.  Had some friends come up and down for the races and enjoyed the great company.

June, 2021 Update

We are back home for three weeks before heading up to Mid-Ohio Motorsports Park in Lexington Ohio which is just North East of Columbus Ohio. We will be there June 23 to June 27.  Will meet up with some good friends and racers as well as my mom and sister will be down to watch.

June 23rd, 2021 Update

Mid-Ohio Raceway June 23 through June 27th 2021.


18 hour drive up and arrived at track at 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Good trip up.  256 race cars on 2.4 mile 13 turn track.


20,000 fans over the three days and it was great to see them back for support. Very kind fans as would wave at cars after each race. 


Rothmans Porsche ran great with a 5th and a 4th place finish in the two main races. Mike came over from Pennsylvania to crew as well. My mom and her caregiver and my sister came to watch me race on Saturday. Tony allowed them to go out in the pace car for one of the races.


19 hour drive home in two days. Tired!

September 22nd, 2021 Update

Virginia International Raceway (VIR)  September 22 to 26 with SVRA


September 22 was a great load in day and practice went well Thursday and Friday morning. Late afternoon qualifying there was a problem to say the least. Background information was that SVRA did not have enough class 12a to run their own group so they placed the 10 big (500 hp and more) horsepower vintage cars (lots of big block Corvettes and Mustangs)  in with us low horsepower cars in group 12b and group 8.  While this is not a problem for most of us in the lower horsepower groups the "big power" cars did not understand playing with a low horsepower group and even more so on closing speeds.


I wanted a great starting position in the large field as it is often hard to pass at VIR. On my good hot lap I saw a fast 1969 Corvette coming fast on his hot lap and at the end of the very fast back straight and going into turn 15 I let him pass and then ducked behind him to get a draft down the last 3 turns and onto the short finish line for a better time.  Did not see the Mustang that was drafting the Corvette and so got hit at about 140 mph.  NOT GOOD  and sent me to the pits with major left rear damage to the Rothmans.


Packed and loaded the car up and after a good dinner and some sleep headed back to Florida Saturday morning as need to see what the damage was as we had a three week window before the 24 hours of Daytona with HSR which was one of the most important races of the year.  Lou was waiting when I got back in from the 10 hour drive and we looked at the wounded Rothmans.


Three weeks????? Good Luck but luck and hard work and Loue's great abilities (some all night sessions and an early (5:00 am Tampa meeting to cut the rear half off of a 944) paid off and the car was done at 1:00 pm on Tuesday September 26 for a 2:00 pm load in at Daytona.  We still had not tested it as to how it drove so Wednesday was a $450 test two session at the track. All was great with the Rothmans.


Tuesday was load in with 218 other great historic and vintage race cars with a great Wednesday practice. Thursday was a valid fast test day with some qualifying for Fridays sprint (30 minute) races. Friday called for rain and that was a joy for me as I am good in the rain and enjoy it.  Guess who finished THIRD as was on the podium and  in Victory Lane in Daytona.   Go Rothmans. Nice trophy and medal as well as fun celebrations for all. 


Saturday at 1:00 pm was the kick off of the Historic IMSA 24 hour race with our shifts being 3:00 pm, 9:00 pm, 3:00 am and 9:00am. Sleep what sleep with hundreds of very loud race cars coming into turn three about 30 yards from the truck ??? Great sound and who needed sleep when there is serious racing to be done.    We were 8th in class (22 cars in group C) at the green flag at 9:00 am and Lou gave me the green light to take it to 5800 rpm if need. I used it well and had an hour of my Daytona best.  We finished 4th overall with the great drive and 20 seconds off the podium and third place.  The word over the radio for the other drivers was to "step on it as Terry is  coming". There was a great celebration with all and then it was pack up, load up and thankfully just a 10 minute drive to the race shop!

November, 2021 Update

Now it is 30 day of getting the Rothmans ready for the 12 hours of Sebring with HSR and some sleep. We are going to rebuild the end and some new shocks all around as it is Sebring with 17 difficult turns.    


Props and Planes with old airplanes coming in on Friday to enjoy the show for the fans.  Chris and Mike will be there to crew for me with Lou making it down for Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you there and more details can be had from

December 1st, 2021 Update

December 1 Sebring with the new enclosed trailer will be next for us.  


So the 12 Hours at Sebring. I am still trying to get my head around it all but even with the right front sendal breaking in turn 6 during the Friday afternoon race around lap 7 causing my right front tire to fall of smash into the right front fender and then roll about 1/2 a mile down the track while I tried to have a controlled crash  off the track and out of the way so the race would not be stopped. Chris cam over to crew and he brought his camper so we camped for the five days. It was great as our neighbors were wonderful so thanks you Steve, Corey, Alex and family. Love the camping as it puts me in touch with all the fans that come out and camp. 


Qualifying was great and the Friday afternoon sprint race was looking good until the tire ran away from me. It is odd to see your tire going fast down the track than you. Nobody hit the tire and no fans were hit so all was good. The track people did a great job of getting the car back to us but it took a lot of thought as to how we were going to load the car on the trailer and get it back to the race shop.  Lots of thoughts over drinks and dinner at The "Watering Hole" but the next morning Chris had the idea. Sebring has a huge fork lift with 21 foot legs so why not have them lift the car and put in on the trailer. YEA. it worked so please see pictures. in the photo gallery (Sebring 12 Hours). Got back to race shop Sunday and Lou was able to invent a way to get the car back in the shop. 

So new front steering, shocks and a new front right fender (about $2,00.00) and we will be ready foe Sebring with SVRA in February.

December, 2021 Update

Audi Event starts tomorrow with 273 entrants. I am STAFF again as well as giving check out rids, tours and running Tech.

We spent 8 hours today getting it all set up for opening tomorrow (Thur.) at noon.  Four more days and nights at Daytona are always welcome.  I have a backup 944 turbo race car to use as well as my Porsche GT-4. Stay tuned and please see the pictures.

Decembe 15th, 2021 Update

All parts ordered to fix the Rothmans as well as we have found a right front fender in Georgia to go get.  We are looking great for the official start of racing in 2022 with SVRA in February 24 to 27. We will be taking the car to Roebling Road Raceway in Georgia from the 4th to 6th for three days of testing in February.  

January 27th, 2022 Update

Happy New Year from TGP Racing to all of you by the way.  The good news is that we now have all the parts to fix the Rothmans from the broken sendal and lost right front tire while racing in the 12 hours at Sebring in December.  As Lou said we will build it bigger and better (six million dollar man show). 

I will be instructing with the Ferrari of North America club at Daytona on the 31. My student from Minnesota has a 458 for me to drive and to instruct him in. Darn. 

January 27th, 2022 Update

Race ca is about back together and will be ready to leave race shop Wednesday and head down to Sebring for the start of the SVRA season on Thursday. New shocks front and back as well as spindles and all new front end goodies. 


Looking forward to the race weekend and the new suspension. Just have to make sure the set up is good.  We will be in the camper and a lot of people will be there. Hope to see you soon. We should be to the left as soon as you get over the bridge past the gas station at the first intersection. 

March, 2022 Update

We have added two very special articles to the article section.  At first we were going to have all the great articles on us in magazines or those that we wrote that were published BUT. that was too much work and frustration and that is not what we are about at all. The web site MUST ne easy and fun and not work. 


The last two articles added today are worth the time and effort.  EMBRACE What A Long Strange Trip was published in the Spiel Winter 2021 issue from the Citrus Region of PCA. You can go to their website (Citrus Region PCA under the Spiel and hit Winter 2021 .


It really is a good insight into my views on life.


The other article is from Space Coast PCA from Escape Velocity which is there magazine. Mom at the Track at 92 is a very special article from me to my Mom. It is the Summer issue of 2021.



March 8th, 2022 Update

Sebring race weekend with SVRA was a success. The Rothmans race car was great and all is good again. Finished 4th on Saturdays main race as well as 4th on Sundays main race.  Great event with 250 race cars and about 10,000 fans. Pictures coming soon.


Now getting all set for Sebring with HSR April 6 to 8 2022.  

April 6th, 2022 Update

HSR Spring Fling Sebring April 6 to 8th 2022


Was a great three days of racing with many friends and all the great cars.  Two qualifying races and 3 races and one enduro. Please see all the pictures when I get them posted.  Marvin and the Brumos 944 and Colen and his Rothmans was also there to enjoy it all. About 200 cars and was just great as was the weather.


Chris came over with the camper so "camped" for the 3 days and was also a great time.  Had no front in grip by race 1 as shocks (new ones still  not in and were ordered December 8th) were shot and so body roll on older tires had me slow down in turns 1, 13, 16 and 17 which hurt the lap times but keep us safe from the big high speed wall in the turns.  Lost about 10 seconds a lap but it was still about the cars and the fans so a good show was put on for all the fans.

May 1st, 2022 Update

Race car is in Race shop making necessary changes for Indianapolis as we decided not to race Barber and take the extra time to get it right for Indy (very big race with 30 thousand fans expected and a field of 200 vintage race cars (SVRA) and then Mid-Ohio the following weekend and the up to Watens Glen and Lime Rock. Long away so taking the extra time to get it all right or the best we can. 

June 28th, 2022 Update

Dropped off Rothmans at Race shop and debriefed with Lou for about an hour before heading  home for some sleep and see if all the animals still remembered me. They did of course.  15 hour drive back from Mid-Ohio and was good with a little nap in North Carolina and South Carolina rest areas.

June 28th, 2022 Update

Indy was a 14 hour drive and all went well with me getting to track about 5:00 am . Indy was great and puts racing  back into a different perspective with another set of History of the sport of racing as well as the people who lived "back in the day"


I am humbled by it all at Indy. The museum is a MUST   and we did it before getting on the track. It helps you to appreciate it all.


There will be a section on just the Museum so please go to the photo galley as you will be impressed with the cars there.  The racing side of Indy also has its own section as I believe that pictures are a much better way for you to experience it all more so that me writing anything down in this part of the web site.


I will say that it was a great 5 days and a very tricky but great road course. Guess who studied and spent endless hours on a friends very professional simulator (Thanks Mike) only to find out that I had the wrong course (thought it was the F-1 course silly me). It was the Grand Am course and well that was only half of what I learned. Of the 30 cars in our run group I was the only one who had not driven Indy. A challenge to say the least as some of the course well lets just say is unique and very technical.  About 10 to 15 thousand people made it out to enjoy it all.


Please see all the pictures plus more to added when I get them from SVRA and the great folks at INDY.

July, 2022 Update

Mid-Ohio was the following weekend with it being about a 5 hour drive.  From a asphalt industrial style complex at Indy to a total Farm Land out in the middle of know where (Lexiton is a great little town and always enjoy the wonderful people there) as the track is surrounded by active beautiful farms. About 20 thousand people made it out to enjoy the great show that SVRA puts on (41 years now) there.  The entire even was televised and was sent life out on the internet for free. 


We had two THIRD place finishes in the feature races on Saturday and Sunday as the car was set up better for the very demanding tight road course there. Plus I had driven it before and knew it well. Fun course to say the least.


Again please go to Mid-Ohio 2022 and see all the great photos there.

August, 2022 Update

TGP Racing is back in Lou's  air conditioned special race shop for some engine and suspension work as well as to finish the repair or last years VIR accident. Our next event will be at Watkins Glen in NY and then to  Virginals International Raceway (VIR) followed by Road Atlanta and then to Roebling and then the 24 hours of Daytona and the 12 hours o f Sebring and the the great Audi  event at Daytona . Hope to see you out at the track soon.  


We have uploaded most all the photos from INDY and Mid-Ohio so Enjoy the photos! By the way Dexter has many new great friends on his pages so check them out. Especially the detailed tour of the INDY Museum and of all the old race cars on the track. It is a trip back in time.


Remember it is about the cars, the fans and then the show we put on with racing all these great cars for the fans and of course for the racer in all of us.

October 21st, 2022 Update

We have been resting and taking a little time of to really go over the race car.  A trip to Barber and Road Atlanta for some testing and enjoyment was just the Doctor Ordered. 

September, 2022 Update

Yes, lets throw in a Hurricane "Ian" several weeks ago and ALL is GOOD as compared what it could have been and much better than many who lost everything with all the  flooding and fallen trees. The house I almost bought 25 years ago had over 3 feet of water in it.  I bought 8 feet above the road which all drained down hill so I was safe.  Chris one of my co-drivers and deer fried and part of our great crew lost his wife's Porsche Macon when a tree fell through it.  He now has a new (to him) Macon GTS for his wife and all is good. 

October, 2022 Update

So where are we now and where are we going in the next several months to wrap up the 2022 racing season. 


With the Rothmans all set to go we will be loading in to Daytona International Raceway a week from to morrow for 5 full day of racing as the IMSA (HSR)  Historic 24 hours is again upon us.  As we had finished Third last year the pressure is on and there is a great field of competition this year.  About 300 Vintage race cars will be there.

November 1st, 2022 Update

Will be loading  at noon as well as set up and tech for Daytona 24hrs. We welcome Dee to our pit crew this year and she will bring a lot of energy and fun to the team. We will have a full crew but will be missing Mike from Pennsylvania. We will miss him.


Five full days of practice and racing at Daytona as well as the large fan base and other great drives is always a treat for us.  Stan Fulton will also be co-driver for the 24 hours with us. 


The "Rothman Brothers" will be back again.


Talk at you soon! 

November, 2022 Update

Three days after "The Race at Daytona 24 Hours)


Third place in class for the Daytona Classic 24 Hours.


Car ran great in all the sprint races, Practice and the 24 hours.


A great 6 days with great racing friends and fans.


Now on to the 12 Hours of Sebring in just over two weeks and then on to the Audi Event and races at Daytona the second weekend of December.


More later

January, 2023 Update

Happy New Year To All.


Just checking in and enjoying some down time before the racing season starts back up in February with SVRA at Sebring. Hope everyone had a happy Holiday Season.  


Santa was nice as the down time project became a new big building in our back yard to exhibit about 50 years of stuff.  The building will house our vintage Honda (6 bikes) motorcycle collection built around a 1970's Motorcycle Shop, then on back to a 1970's 1980' and 1990's High End Stereo shop with four high end systems displayed for your listening pleasure.  Then walk on back into the pool room/bar for a good Game of pool. The "man cave" will just make you smile and enjoy it all. 


Getting the building built, large deck area built and just finished the electrical wiring which was a job as I need a lot of outlets and power sources. We are ready for the insulation now. Should be done in two more months at the start of the racing season. 


The Rothmans is getting some work done to it but nothing major as it ran great in the Daytona 24 hours with our third place finish.


We have the new schedule up in events so take a look and hope to see you at a track near you.

Update Coming Soon

Watch this space.

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