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Becoming Rothmans Racing.

Our Rothmans 944 Turbo Club Race Car


Rothmans 944 Turbo Cup Race Series 1986-199


Porsche built 192 Spec 944 turbo race cars for thee Rothmans  race series in North America, Europe and Japan. Eighty nine examples were imported into North America with most of the races being held in Canada.


We at TGP Racing always loved that close Porsche 944 Racing series as well as the car in the Rothmans Racing colors. While Rothmans sponsored Porsche  racing at all levels and with great success throughout the world (La mans. 24 hours of Daytona, Formula I ), it was the 944 series that was to be the final destiny of our Porsche 944 race car. 


Both Lou and I had always envisioned the conversion and racing it in several vintage and historic racing series throughout the United States.   In fact one day several years ago I mentioned this to Lou who showed me pictures of that color scheme and original race cars which had already been on his shop computer.


So it was to be that after a final race at Road Atlanta in July 2019 that the summer would be then devoted to the conversion and the vintage and historic racing would begin.  Besides this is where I got my start in 1993 racing a 1961 Corvette at the famous Lime Rock Race Track in Connecticut.


We at TGP Racing are excited about this new adventure so please stay with us for details as well as a chance to come see us race and enjoy all that the sport has to offer. 

Dexter is still co-owner and has an updated picture of himself back on the race car.

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